Modification of the control system

Modification of the control system, a cost-effective alternative

  • After 20 years approximately the machine control malfunctions
  • Old machine controls are made of parts that no longer are available
  • The solution is an exchange of the old parts for new, high-quality standard parts
  • New programming and an update of the documentation
  • Often the installation of a new Programmable Logic Controller, PLC, is a must
  • The customer knows the problem zones of his machine best therefore we always talk to him what we should do
  • Together we choose the required control components and modify the machine to be up-to-date


dated control panel before modification, mostly defect switches and potentiometers


new control panel after modification of the control system, clearly with a 7“ touchscreen


dated control panel with extra desk panel before modification


new control panel after modification of the control system, clearly with a 10“ touchscreen, advanced operating function on customer request

You want an updated control that’s state-of-the-art in the coming years?

  • No problem with our conversion kit. We have the right solution for every budget.

You need new controllers and motors for your machine??

  • We offer cost-effectively alternatives and can exchange them right away.

You are looking for a adjustable grinding spindle?

  • We can install a frequency control that meets your requirements.



We will try to fullfil all wishes and ideas regarding machine control and operation of your grinding machine to your complete satisfaction!


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